Back to Detroit (Motor City Remix)

Timothy Suckow


Words and Music by Timothy Suckow, written in 2015.


This tribute song was written because so many people were ripping on the city of Detroit for it's problems.  Since I have so many fond memories of Motown and the Detroit Tigers, I decided to write a tune the would emphasize the good.

"Back To Detroit" made it's broadcast debut on April 6, 2015 on WLCS-FM 98.3 (North Muskegon, Michigan). It was played on the station as part of the Detroit Tigers Radio Network pregame show during afternoon games.


uh-oh, I'm going back to Detroit
uh-oh, what you gonna do tonight
uh-oh, I'm going back to Detroit
Greektown, Wormwood, Renaissance Center
Grand Circus Station, what could be better?
Drive across world-famous Ambassador Bridge
Kaline, Trammel, Horton and Lou
Miggy and Maggs say, "I can hit too"
He stood there like the house by the side of the road
(repeat chorus)
See a show at the Fox or maybe the Fillmore
Hear Kid Rock, yeah we can do more
Mo-Mo-Motown greats at Hitsville USA
Yeah the city's coming back, it's here to stay
10 Mile, 9 Mile, 8 Mile hey!
Throw another octopus down at the Joe
(repeat chorus)
I feel like I've been here before
Pistons, Lions, Tigers and Wings
Aretha and Marvin make to sing
Woodward, Michigan and Trumbull
Community spirit never will crumble
Sparky, Gordie, Lidström and Ty
Fill our hearts with unquenchable pride
Henry's horseless automobile
Never could a place be so ideal
(repeat chorus)
uh-oh, Welcome back to Detroit
uh-oh, I know where I will stay tonight
uh-oh, I feel like I've been here before
(repeat chorus)