Listen to the One on iTunes


Happy Independence Day!


I have re-released the instrumental version of the song "Listen To the One" to iTunes! Previously it had only been available only on CD Baby. Enjoy!  You can find it here:



New Music


Hey Guys! It's been a while, but after being married for 10 months, I have begun to produce new music! I'm really looking forward to releasing a new album when it is ready!


Three songs have been selected for sure including an expanded edition of the wedding single "This is the Day."  I'll let you know as more music is complete!



This is the Day


So excited to announce the next single from Dutybound Servant will be "This is the Day!"  It is a cover of the Les Garrett tune in a contemporary worship style. It was recorded to be played at my wedding on May 5!  The song features vocals from me and my beautiful fiancee!


You can pre-order it from Amazon today!


I Want to Walk


One of the most unusual things I did not expect from the release of "This Burning Bush" was the fact that my cover of the hymn "I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light" would be the most popular track!




At the festival radio station JQ99.3 will be handing out FREE COPIES of my CD and download cards to my album "This Burning Bush!


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