Album Released!


The full album This Burning Bush is now available everywhere!  Both in CD and digital formats.



First Single Released


Hey Hey Today!  My first single for Dutybound Servant is finally out! "Working While Praising Your Name" is available online everywhere!





Album is Ready for Distribution


This has been a really wild ride.  Three years ago I started recording songs for this album.  After a long process of writing, recording, post-production, and mastering, the compact discs are complete and ready for distribution!

The final phase of this wild ride is now underway, and that is advertising!  There will a series of advertisements on Facebook, as well as a prominent radio commercial on JQ99.3 (Holland). FREE copies of my CD will be available for everyone to pick up at the JQ99 tables of "Rock the Coast" and "Unity" Christian music festivals in West Michigan!

The album officially launches June 17 with the single "Working While Praising Your Name" a week before. Please tell your friends about it! This has been an enormous blessing in my life, and I can't wait to share my music with you!


Compact Disc in Production


Very pleased to announce "This Burning Bush" - in it's completion - has finally been moved to the production center for final mastering and compact disc reproduction!  Three years after I recorded the first track for the album, it's almost a relief.  Not having a promoter or record company to back me up does have disadvantages, in addition to the huge advantage of complete artistic freedom.  I'm attempting to take control of my own promotion by taking out a radio advertisement on JQ99 (Holland, Michigan) and will simultaneously be promoting it on Facebook and at the Unity Christian Music Festival (Muskegon - August 9 to 12).


The final track that was recorded over the past week was "Listen to the One."  It is a very unique art / progressive / techno track with spiritual and inspirational overtones.  In a first for me, I included a couple of Bible verse spoken monologues.  This song will also be available as an instrumental track in August.


The full album will be released in June!


Singles Ready


Very happy to let you know the radio singles for the upcoming album are all done, and you can hear them now streaming from this web site!  "Working While Praising Your Name" is a really fun tune, especially if you are having a bad day at work.  The other one is "Immortal" - a little more serious in nature - talking about the loss of loved ones.  But it is an inspiration song that has been in the making for two years.

Almost done with the whole album, just one more track to finish up.  "Listen To the One" has been imagined as a techno-rocker.  We'll see how it is when it is complete!

Thanks for listening to my music.  You will hear me on JQ99.3 (Holland, Michigan) starting in June.


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